Saturday, January 3

Left 2008 with....12 things.

1. Early of the year was hectic! i'm super busy with my glorious day. plus it was the week of chinese new year.

06.02.08 & 09.02.08

I don't have the picture of the event at the moment but next time if i remember about it i'll post the picture. what is it about the day? Guess i could say ermmm tying the knot? hahahaa!!

I wish that the day could be rewind back again.

2. My cousin got married secretly which upset me alot!! and i really can't accept it just like that.


It upset the whole family. but we can't do anything about it.

3. Moved to Tawau with ney on :


I like our new home. So until now it's been almost 8 months and i'm still survive. LOL.

There's been up and down in my life. and i am thru with it.

4. Got my laptop!!


It was HP Compaq.

5. First time in my life celebrating my birthday away from my family which is so not cool. it was boring actually.


My 21st birthday again that. *sigh*

6. Got first car on :


It was ok for a temporary use.

7. First time Hari Raya that i think was the best in my life! Me and ney really enjoyed ourselves.


8. I missed my family and my hometown like hell for the first time on :


And i did cry alot and it was very very hard for me to get over it. and i swear that i will move back as soon as possible no matter what! homesick like hell.

9. Went back to kk and keningau and i stayed here for one month plus already until now.


There's up and down in my relationship which is sooo stupid!

10. After 6 years passed by i get the chance to talk again to my dad.

month of Dec

I don't really like it. i already talk and explain about this on my previous entry.

11. Accompanied Sheila to take her PMR result which is not soo bad lah. don't have and E.


12. I got sooooo heavily drunk on New Year eve!!

31.12.08 & 01.01.09

And it was so stupid. so crazy. and i blame on the vodka and beer. it was totally out of control. luckily i'm at home not at some club.

All of my family who saw me are teasing me non-stop the next day!! i am embarrassed for sure! they even recorded how i acted. it was SO SO SO STUPID! i can't even watch it.

Picture of the new year eve :

This thing make me stupidly drunk!!

Drank the vodka 4 glass but i mixed it with cola but still can drunk like that. then i remembered i had a can of beer only but then my cousin said that i had 2/3 can more. WTF??!!

Was busy the whole day to prepare for the night event. it was tiring.

We did barbecue actually that day with my whole family in kk. we also did karaoke. then again imagine i karaoke during i drunk.

The next day i woke up with hung over and my body in pain!! why? because that night i fell on the floor, i knocked my self on the couch and there's more. until now i am in pain. and we had to leave for keningau again!! can you imagine my situation?!!

Picture while in keningau :

we had family gathering at my grandma's house. barbecue again.

They shopped for fireworks!! for chinese new year. my uncle's friend came over to let us choose some freakin awesome fireworks which is very reasonable price.
Can't wait!!

The kids busy playing with the kid's fireworks that night and it was so pretty and fun.

Omg... is this my first post of 2009? Yikess!!

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