Monday, January 5


Do Maybank very convenience you think? i don't think so. why?

Because just now ney tried to withdraw some money from the ATM but they kicked it out. even other bank did that!! why? So i guess he have to renew his card or whatever. so i thought "ohh well we just handle the card here in kk maybank" but then my uncle said that it cannot be done just like that!! wtf??!!
We have to renew it at tawau also, the place where ney applied for the card. i am so mad. why does it have to be this way???

It should be like this : Maybank all over Sabah should have services where if people have any problem with their card and they want to renew it or whatever, then people can go to any maybank (the one where they didn't applied their card) and just go handle it. incase of emergency (like me) and you were out of maybank where you applied it then the service like that will be totally very easy and convenience for people lohh!!

Now we have to withdraw money using the maybank book!! leceh sangat!! plus again maybank was always busy and tons of people go there, alalalaaa!!

Enough 'bout that.

Ney is coming tomorrow. i have alot of stuff to talk to him seriously. i mean it.

We'll be going back to keningau again maybe on wednesday so i will not be able to update anything while i'm at keningau. and i don't know for how long i'll be there. *sad sad*

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