Thursday, June 28


 Now Dania have two habit.

1. Changing her skirt or dress over and over again.
2. Scratching!

And both i feel soooo annoyed! Okay maybe i am abit wrong here, rather than the told me that i should just go with the flow and love it with this kind of 2 year old plus attitude. But sometimes i had enough for one day LOL.

What can i do to prevent her from continuing her attitude?

1. i will tell her that i will give her a little smack with the hanger (she will 'buy' it but with some shouting and crying -_-)

2. i said that i already wash the skirt/dress (that she wanted to wear) but then she knows that have more in her closet -_-' (sometimes she will 'buy' it)

3. i will say the NO NO NO to her hundred times! but both of us will end up upsetting each other. (she definitely 'not buying' it)

So after the no.3 trick still Dania will not accept whether i will tell her go ask her papa to handle her or i ask her to wear herself the dress/skirt that she wanted to wear.

My aunt and uncle like to compliment and tease Dania with her skirt or dress saying that she looks like barbie or princess so there you go little-miss-i-am-pretty surely want to wear it more -_-'

Dania have this hard-headed attitude which really hard for you to explain the right things to her, and now she learn how to fight me back if i pinch or beat her -_-' even at the supermarket!

Now do you want your little baby to grow up fast be a toddler? LOL!!!! its normal actually and every child is different. and my little Dania i think really following my footsteps when i was same age like her, even our face many of my relatives said that me and Dania are identical! not like her papa anymore. well... that's life ^^

NO.2 habit hah! this one i really concerned every single day. if the weather is not hot she's fine. but if she start sweating or allergic then this habit will keep going on and on and on.

I am concern because if she keep on scratching her back, her neck, her tummy, her butt, her leg... her skin will become rough and really dry and it takes some time to heal. she can't control herself from scratching actually and i always have to tell her to stop doing that!

Dania will asked me to put powder on the itchy area but it does not really helping her coping with the itchy-ness ^^ even the Aiken powder.

I am hoping that this habit will disappear when she is a little bit older. if not it will be hard for her if she's in school with all the bunch of kids.

We'll see lah kan.

Friday, June 22

Dania and skin

Lucu juga title post sa ^^

I just wanted to post out here for remembrance about my little princess (she called herself Princess Dania)

She is allergic to : eggs, dust, seafood, bath cream products (eg. johnson&johnson and cosway)

So when she exposed to this things Dania's skin will get dry and itchy. i mean seriously dry and rough. she will be scratching her whole body non-stop! if this continuing the eczema will pop out.

When she was born i didn't even think about Dania will have this kind of skin because me and her dad don't have skin allergy except maybe dry skin. So i thought maybe from other family members right.

I can control her from eating the food but talking about the essential need for her skin was really mind blowing when comes to the price. luckily it will last as long as 2 or 3months.

Will post pics soon.

Monday, June 18


Eventhough i tried to be optimistic and positive in my life it is hard actually to maintain that thinking. There are much more dissapoinment in my life rather than satisfaction. im not sure if this a bad thing but yeah... that's life.

I have so many post that i want to post out in my blog but STILL i haven't done anything yet! *sigh* and now with my hard situation i can hardly tell a story here (as much as i want to) because.. i need, first 'mood' second 'time' and third 'feeling of calm'.

Yes, lately my mode was not steady and always confused. and i hate it! everybody have their own attitude which driving me crazy and so dissapoint on them. until i said that i had enough already! So i made a decision that are going to change my whole life. this is not going to be easy and yes i am scared but i don't care, i'll do anything to be happy, don't you?

Anyway... anyhoo ^^ all the beautiful photos and stories i am going to upload to this blog. i only have to find the right time.