Monday, June 18


Eventhough i tried to be optimistic and positive in my life it is hard actually to maintain that thinking. There are much more dissapoinment in my life rather than satisfaction. im not sure if this a bad thing but yeah... that's life.

I have so many post that i want to post out in my blog but STILL i haven't done anything yet! *sigh* and now with my hard situation i can hardly tell a story here (as much as i want to) because.. i need, first 'mood' second 'time' and third 'feeling of calm'.

Yes, lately my mode was not steady and always confused. and i hate it! everybody have their own attitude which driving me crazy and so dissapoint on them. until i said that i had enough already! So i made a decision that are going to change my whole life. this is not going to be easy and yes i am scared but i don't care, i'll do anything to be happy, don't you?

Anyway... anyhoo ^^ all the beautiful photos and stories i am going to upload to this blog. i only have to find the right time.


Nanak said...

palan2 kio..

Anonymous said...

ko tdk suka blog bila ko not in a good mood? mcm kasi vent out through your writing? or maybe ko akan cop yg bkn2?hehe..-belle