Thursday, June 23


The 'crazy storm' just stop. pheewww! lega. i said storm because the wind very very strong (i think never like this happen) and then tia lama the rain started pouring heavily, VERY heavy! seriously bikin takut, pun sa rasa tia penah sampai gini oh. but luckily no thunder or lightning la. i was so scared and sampai c Dania pun takut bah. c hubby pun not around (keja malam).

Apa kaitan tajuk? ^^ bah lau sudah gitu kuat storm kan for sure my imagination pun macam2 lah hehe.

- I was sooo scared that the electricity will out! coz only the two of us at home, mmg bikin takut kn! so cepat2 sa angkat itu emergency light and charge it. and the hp too. last time it happen to me and Dania but luckily it was around 9pm only, still abit early kan. just now the storm started at 11pm something. and jiran seblah pun teda.

- In our house, the ceiling there's this jalan tuk p atas roof bah, and itu penutup is not really sealed well so everytime if there's strong wind it will move and make sound. so i'm scared because of the wind just now so strong kan manatau tercabut pula kan itu penutup and if the lid gone maybe the birds (yang buat sarang dalam roof) might fly inside our house or maybe worst if any of the bird die (coz kena tiup angin kan hehehe) and kena tiup or terjatuh dalam rumah i will DIE! ok maybe ketakutan and kegelian brabis ja la ^^ so everytime the lid making sound i was hoping that nothing will fall down on the floor hehee!

photo source

Hhhmmmm it's like i can hear the macarons is calling me. konon oh kan! maybe i'm being a hypocrite here,because in my previous post i said that my spirit of baking is gone but now here i am talking about macarons? i know. but this is not cake. i was wondering the whole day, do any of the cake supply store sell almond flour?

Sepa penah buat macarons? i heard that this cutesy is so famous in west m'sia and i saw Daphne Iking bake it.

Tuesday, June 21

I think it's gone

Hilang my semangat. eh bukan sebab terkejut, semangat for something that i really love to do, can you guess?

I don't know why i feel this way, i was baking a small portion of cake for my hubby's friend's wife and it didn't turn out well (the way i used to bake it i mean) and because of that semua semangat sa untuk baking hilang ni sa rasa *sigh* its like it flew away from my heart lol! ehemm seriously. And i already prepared some mini size of cakes and muffin for the wife but now i didn't feel to give it to her tomorrow. this is so weird!

right now i just don't care about it. apa pun jadi... jadi lah. okay anne... forget about it. (tia dapat juga)

Tonight c Dania sleep very late than usual (or lebih kurang?) jam 1.30 am baru dia tidur ok -_-' so what we did? we watched Rapunzel (again) and while watching it she keep on asking me something with the word "why" (while pointing to the movie), suddenly she knows how to use that word. habis lah! how to answer her question yang bukan2 next time ahh? mesti lucu kan. just now also i was a bit blur to explain to her what happen to Eugene and the horse or the bad lady. lol!!

Look at her face, like full of wondering wondering of this and that kan. sampai berkerut dahi.
(maciam boy pula dia cni)

I will not surf any baking web from now on. well maybe. huhuhuhuuu!!

Monday, June 20

Lala & Faiz

Okay you can say that i'm the worst cousin ever, no? why? because on the 4th of June my cousin that i'm really close to held their wedding event in Kb and i didn't attend it or should i say not able to attend it coz habis cuti! I am deeply sad ofcourse apalagi lepas the event my family members sibuk upload pictures from the wedding, and after seeing all those pictures i felt like crying and so so sad. she looks so beautiful during her wedding (thanks to MAC) and i just wish i was there that time.

Well what past is past lah kan, what to do -_- Lala (what we called her) said that she'll be coming here this coming weekend, maybe visitng her hubby and she said that she will visit me (tapi minta buat red velvet ahhh -_-) pandai! so cant wait! maybe mau dekat 1 tahun juga oh tidak jumpa dia.

And it is Father's day kan but sadly teda juga yang special ba. we didn't go anywhere, well c hubby la p bazaar with his friend for awhile. i planned konon want to bake 'special' skit cake but i am not feeling well (two days already). since friday i felt like fever coming and tonsil attacking me plus the headache only gos knows how i feel but tahan saja coz my aunt is coming kan so tahan tahan tahan. then yesterday was worst. makan panadol and strepsils and lotsa water didn't help at all. and today my tonsils is getting worst i think coz if telan anything sakit betul sampai telinga bah! maybe i should see the doc but fikir2 nant itu ubat paling2 yang teda2 kena bagi trus kena charge almost rm40! huh.... we'll see tomorrow mcmana...

Anyway (sory ah complain2 pasal sakit sa konon) just now adalah sa p bake muffin juga coz c Dania kept on saying cake cake cake after saw a pretty cake on a web that i surf and tangan sa pun gatal juga masa tu hehehee Dania ate 1 cup saja nda lama lepas tu tidur c kawan.

One thing that i love muffin is because it wont flatten out whereas cupcake sekejap ja nah flat suda! ^^ why ah?

Friday, June 17

Our home disaster

Well not really a BIG disaster ^^ no water supply bah!!! sa marah sudah ni, pengurusan dorang ni lambat betul kasi siap. they said that the water pump is broken, and it has been couple of days already with no water supply. yesterday okay lagi from afternoon till evening ada juga skit naik itu air but today langsung teda!

Last few days we're quite lucky to used our next door neighbour water because he's on long holiday and today habis sudah itu air d tangki dia huhuuuhu!! now satu titis air pun teda sudah untuk di pakai. how to bath? how to wash this and that? how dania want to bath?
Downstairs dekat itu tempat buang sampah ada air and we're on the top floor, 4th floor. boleh bayangkan angkat air few times from there to the top? actually i will do it if there's somebody to watch over Dania, hubby actually working day shift. so susah kan keadaan ni! terpaksa tungu hubby back from work at night. i have no idea until when its going to be like this. geram sangat sudah sa ni!

Gara-gara teda air, and ehemmmm bulan tua and tomorrow my aunt is coming (time teda air ni) luckily going back and forth ja.... so i feel so so so unwell right now. Dizzy + headache + fever (coming)+ tonsil (coming). need to think what to do without this water!! kain betimbun belum cuci! many to think about -_- rasa mau pengsan pun ada.

I hope your day was better than mine. Bye.

Wednesday, June 15

Planning ahead

Yesterday the whole day i spent my time (well most of my time la) visiting party website. in 3months time c Dania will turn 2 years old already, so ini la ni mau planning2 awal konon supaya boleh budget hehee.

After sa visit c Isabel and Nanak punya blog terus sa realize that i should plan now coz its so much fun bah nampak birthday party baby dorang, so sweet and cute! i have this high spirit and high imagination terus for Dania's upcoming party. lol!! (jangan ja tia jadi pla nant kan) thanks to Isabel for recommended some wonderful useful website ^^

I already saved up to 150 photos for me to browse and browse and browse until i find some great ideas for the party. i definitely will do some DIY thing. lots of idea!

If your child's party would be like this punya best kan! but this is high-budget party, mau yg simple saja ni....

Why i plan this mad early? well last year when Dania 1st birthday it's not like what i really want, c hubby masa tu abit cerewet betul *geram* jangan itulah...jangan inilah..... and about the cake pun well it was quite a drama jugalah. kesian juga c Dania. so this time 2nd one i WILL plan the best i can for her, coz she deserve to have it ^^ lau ada bantahan (c hubby) limpas sa dulu! hohohooo ^^

Monday, June 13

Don't talk behind 'them'

Remember my thigh yang kena 'hisap momo' konon tu just because i was telling my SIL about a ghost story? hehee sa mau post out about the story here, saja tuk baca2 di masa akan datang lol!! there's two story happened at the same place but different time.

First story :

My aunty saw a women was sweeping at the balcony of my uncle's house that afternoon. in the evening they met up and my aunt asked him 'mana bini ko?' and my uncle said 'balik kampung, kenapa?' and my aunt surprise lah kan with what she saw and what my uncle told her. and she said ' aik jadi siapa sa nmpak menyapu di luar rumah kamu tdi?', my uncle dengan selambanya jawab 'itu bini no.2 sa hehe'. tidak takut lgi tu bah!

so that night (same day) while my uncle sleeping inside his room and his kids in the other room. he felt like there's something disturbing his sleep, mcm ada rmbt sana muka dia rasa >< so he turn his head to side and there's a women laying down beside him! (macam puntianak) then dia try may sigung bah (mcmana mau explain ni ahh) suddenly 'that thing' said ' kenapa mau cuba' ! adui... sampai becakap bah, so after that my uncle probably just stay there on bed while praying hard for the thing to go.

He was like teasing itu benda bah kan yg petang tu cakap itu bini dia.

Second story :

My cousin with her sis was sitting in their house balcony in the afternoon/evening and c Jc ni cakap main main saja to her sis Zz that like she saw something standing on the ground between both my uncle's houses. and they were laughing about it, then when Jc tengok betul2, there was someone actually standing there with white long clothes.

The next day, at night there's a kenduri at my aunt's new house (same area) and everybody's there. and after the ceremony finished suddenly black-out. my cousin Jc that time was sitting beside my grandma and she asked her 'apa jadi lau kita main rakam2 malam gini nek?' so my grandma said 'jangan ko main2 jc', but c Jc ni rakam juga! after that she played back what she'd recorded and in that black screen suddenly an ugly face like flying to the front screen! and tekejut la c kawan ni. so the whole time Jc was so quite and pale. she didn't tell anyone about what happened. so semua pun heran la sama dia ni. and that time also when she looked at the window she saw that face and almost whole figure was standing outside the window!

When they were on the way back home, jalan kaki saja with their parents... Jc and her sister Zz saw the ghost was following behind them! but they kept on walking. at their house their mother asked Zz to lock the stair gate, so turun lagi la p bawah dia mau lock itu gate and when she bend down to lock it (boleh imagine ka?) and mata dia menengok sana depan dekat tiang rumah she saw a long white clothes yang buruk and lama sudah, with a long hair almost to the ground i think. but Zz tidak tengok sampai atas la coz she knows that the ghost still there outside their house area (her father ada taru penjaga bah d rumah dorang so itu benda mcm x brani masuk kawasan).

eeeeee!! bikin takut kan. i think this thing just wanna make friends with them ;) hehee! i heard that they saw the ghost did smile at them. i'm not sure which part and when.

So the concluding of my story (aisehhh) at their housing area kg. Lingkudau kgau (rumah bebaris bah berdepan depan ja) never ever say something bad or funny or try to tease this 'thing' when you were there because it will show you the real 'them'. seriously. happened to me also last time while i was still pregnant.

Amacam cerita sa ni?

Hot Bun in the Oven

I've just found out about my beloved friends Didy! well like i said in the title, she's a preggy now!! ^^ i am soooo happy for her and her hubby. after a year of marriage finally what she always want come true. it's been quite some time also she's been trying to have a baby until this month on their anniversary month the good news smacked her hahahaa!! same like me actually, same month on my anniversary that i found out i was pregnant.

The good thing about her first trimester there's no nausea/morning sickness. and she kept asking me why why why it didn't happen to her! lol. good la bah kan none of that happen to her. anyway she and her hubby are so excited and they want a baby boy if possible ^^

Photo source : Didy's facebook.
Dy borrow your picture here ah babe.

Definitely they gonna have a cute baby kan. due on February, can't wait!! hope to meet her soon (while her belly membesar hehehe!!) congrats babe!!!

Friday, June 10


Yesterday i baked another cake again. actually sa mau 'cuti' dulu bah mau buat kek but cant resist itu godaan recipe that i saw in one blog bah. aiihhh susa betul...

Milk Marble cake

Yang milk tu using condense milk, adui memang sedap la ni cake. for me whatever pakai susu junjung ni memang sedap hehee. next time mau buat full recipe ni ^^

About the title, pasal c Dania bah tu (jgn kamu boring ah hehe) yalah mau 2 tahun sdh tia lama and she seems makin independent la for me. whatever pun she wanna do herself, good juga lah but when it is about eating nah situlah sa juga yang membersih segalanya balik.

she want to eat on her own and pasal ni memang sa tia brapa suka coz sometimes when she eat like not everything dia makan bah, tidak habis lagi and i'm worried if she's full or not.

she want to wear her shoe on her own, pandai sudah dia ni sa pun abit surprise coz suddenly i saw her wearing her shoe with the correct sides.

she want to drink from the glass on her own, and tia pandai mau stop -_- last2 terpaksa tarik saja itu glass so menangis la c kawan kan.

she want to eat ice-cream on her own. c dania ni kaki ice cream betul2 bah. she can finish one whole cone, but itulah cair2 sdh kan. i think terikut like me last time when she was still in my belly sa ni kuat makan ice-cream hehee!!

Good thing about this that i can do anything while she do her own thing like above. Now pandai sudah she used the word 'stop it' and 'don't'. besar sudah c Dania oh sa rasa, cepatnya!

The past few days i've been watching Lord Of The Ring. ya 'past few days' sebab the story too long bah, 3 hours, and i finished the trilogy so lama la sa siap tengok hehe. ok so now sa habis tengok sudah i felt like i missed watching it again, i don't know how to say this. now i don't know what movie to watch, and felt sad pla coz sudah habis sa tengok this LOTR movie. hehee wah cam kena pukau pla sa dengan itu ring dia hahah sot sot!

Wednesday, June 8


Some cake that i manage to bake sebaik saja sampai d rumah last week.

Lemon Butter cake

chocolate cheese brownies

coconut pandan cake

All is a MUST try ^^ sangat2 moist!!

Monday, June 6

Funny thing

I felt like blogworld sekarang macam sunyi ja oh. i also rarely update mine, busy? tidak la juga but itulah at the end of the day after little one sleep terus sa pun mau kondem juga or my other reason teda internet connection hehehee.

Anyway after our first night here at our home the other day when hubby came back from work and we had our lunch, he suddenly asked me how much i will charge for a whole cake (masi x terfikir apa2 lgi ni) so i said depend on the ingredients and what cake that people wants and i asked him 'why u ask?' and he said that his friend want to order the cake that i tapau him to work lastnight. terus sa ketawa hahaa, macam sa salah dengar bah. i mean when you did not expect 'good' thing happen to you then out of the blue it happen pula. it is actually chocolate muffin bah but sa buat kasi jadi cake. so that was first order la (bikin malu) hopefully there will be more to come *finger cross* -_-

In 3 months Dania will be turning 2. cepat sangat masa berlalu. she still talk like baby talk, eg : 'jkdnsnbfjdbfdnbdjs (baby talk) come (real word that she can say)' i think its normal la, walaupun ada yang baby like her age can say phrases already. i think she's a girly girl but still she only likes to watch Barney and Elmo and some cartoon from the playhouse disney. i want her to watch some disney princess cartoon actually or even a barbie cartoon (saw in one blog her daughter just turned 2 and likes barbie) but the only princess that she likes in Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. i think i need to persuade her more. mostly she love all the singing part in anything that she likes to watch. mau download lah ni cartoon barbie, ada singing juga ka tu ah?

So last week while we were still in kk i bought her a toy stroller and a doll (mau kasi minat sama girly toy bah) and she loves it! masa d kedai non-stop menyurung itu stroller bah. but still worried because she's a type that easily get bored bah -_-' the other day went to eastern plaza and i saw this castle tent selling for rm99 (mahalnyaaa) but so cute, Dania loves tent like that (she played at her cousin's house in kk). me and hubby brabis mau cari tent for her but susah betul mau jmpa d kedai.

Wednesday, June 1

Hello June

As i mention in my previous post about how will Dania response when we arrived at our home? well she doing so well i guess, the moment me and her step into the house she was quiet for awhile but suddenly she made this giggle sound (macam happy bah) lega juga rasa.... i put her down and there she goes walking here and there around the house. but then later that day before she had her bath she mentioned Nanu's name (hubby's niece that we were with all the time) then Joshua's name. and that time my heart breaks apart and tears i felt like coming out. the way she said and look into my eyes betul2 bikin kesian. and everytime i bf her she will mention both name again. *sigh* if only i know that did she really misses them or just thinking about them. maybe both. and today while we were having our lunch at kfc, when we were about to eat Dania said 'Nanu momom...' adui... mau nangis pun ada masa tu, she remembered everything we used to do back in kk.

it's June already and semua jiran (my friend here) menghilang ke kampung. tinggal kami la cni. i am homesick so badly.