Monday, June 13

Hot Bun in the Oven

I've just found out about my beloved friends Didy! well like i said in the title, she's a preggy now!! ^^ i am soooo happy for her and her hubby. after a year of marriage finally what she always want come true. it's been quite some time also she's been trying to have a baby until this month on their anniversary month the good news smacked her hahahaa!! same like me actually, same month on my anniversary that i found out i was pregnant.

The good thing about her first trimester there's no nausea/morning sickness. and she kept asking me why why why it didn't happen to her! lol. good la bah kan none of that happen to her. anyway she and her hubby are so excited and they want a baby boy if possible ^^

Photo source : Didy's facebook.
Dy borrow your picture here ah babe.

Definitely they gonna have a cute baby kan. due on February, can't wait!! hope to meet her soon (while her belly membesar hehehe!!) congrats babe!!!


Azeanthy Paiman said...

happy kn bila besfriend dah preggy...

kwn2 sy dah ada anak..mmg t'ingin sgt!=)

Anne B. said...

ya happy coz sama pangkat sdh ngn saya hehee ohh belum ada anak ka?berusaha lg ;) hehhee

Andrik McVean said...

ji i hv just followed your blog i hope you can follow me back :-)