Wednesday, June 1

Hello June

As i mention in my previous post about how will Dania response when we arrived at our home? well she doing so well i guess, the moment me and her step into the house she was quiet for awhile but suddenly she made this giggle sound (macam happy bah) lega juga rasa.... i put her down and there she goes walking here and there around the house. but then later that day before she had her bath she mentioned Nanu's name (hubby's niece that we were with all the time) then Joshua's name. and that time my heart breaks apart and tears i felt like coming out. the way she said and look into my eyes betul2 bikin kesian. and everytime i bf her she will mention both name again. *sigh* if only i know that did she really misses them or just thinking about them. maybe both. and today while we were having our lunch at kfc, when we were about to eat Dania said 'Nanu momom...' adui... mau nangis pun ada masa tu, she remembered everything we used to do back in kk.

it's June already and semua jiran (my friend here) menghilang ke kampung. tinggal kami la cni. i am homesick so badly.

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CathJ said...

home sick?? bye bye saya di Sabah skrg.. hihihi...;-p

take care ya...