Monday, June 20

Lala & Faiz

Okay you can say that i'm the worst cousin ever, no? why? because on the 4th of June my cousin that i'm really close to held their wedding event in Kb and i didn't attend it or should i say not able to attend it coz habis cuti! I am deeply sad ofcourse apalagi lepas the event my family members sibuk upload pictures from the wedding, and after seeing all those pictures i felt like crying and so so sad. she looks so beautiful during her wedding (thanks to MAC) and i just wish i was there that time.

Well what past is past lah kan, what to do -_- Lala (what we called her) said that she'll be coming here this coming weekend, maybe visitng her hubby and she said that she will visit me (tapi minta buat red velvet ahhh -_-) pandai! so cant wait! maybe mau dekat 1 tahun juga oh tidak jumpa dia.

And it is Father's day kan but sadly teda juga yang special ba. we didn't go anywhere, well c hubby la p bazaar with his friend for awhile. i planned konon want to bake 'special' skit cake but i am not feeling well (two days already). since friday i felt like fever coming and tonsil attacking me plus the headache only gos knows how i feel but tahan saja coz my aunt is coming kan so tahan tahan tahan. then yesterday was worst. makan panadol and strepsils and lotsa water didn't help at all. and today my tonsils is getting worst i think coz if telan anything sakit betul sampai telinga bah! maybe i should see the doc but fikir2 nant itu ubat paling2 yang teda2 kena bagi trus kena charge almost rm40! huh.... we'll see tomorrow mcmana...

Anyway (sory ah complain2 pasal sakit sa konon) just now adalah sa p bake muffin juga coz c Dania kept on saying cake cake cake after saw a pretty cake on a web that i surf and tangan sa pun gatal juga masa tu hehehee Dania ate 1 cup saja nda lama lepas tu tidur c kawan.

One thing that i love muffin is because it wont flatten out whereas cupcake sekejap ja nah flat suda! ^^ why ah?


CathJ said...

cup cakes flat? time masak dalam oven.. jangan buka2 tu oven.. kalau dia cakap bake for 15minutes.. nah tunggu lah 15 minutes.. kalau balik2 buka2 tu oven.. itu 1 dari penyebabnya... penyebab lain.. sukatan bahan2 tidak ngam.. itu ja yg saya pernah experience.. (cth..dia ckp telur size besar..kita pandai2 pakai size M.. nah...siap lah.. ^_^)

Anne B. said...

ahhahaha..maybe pasal telur kan lau cupcake, lau sa baking mmg x pandai mau p buka2 itu oven tu cath. thanks for the info ;)

ღ Mitchell ღ said...

Sedap owh tu muffin Annie... Sya masih lg teringat2 ko punya resepi yg kek tu.. sya mc simpn lg ne..