Thursday, June 23


The 'crazy storm' just stop. pheewww! lega. i said storm because the wind very very strong (i think never like this happen) and then tia lama the rain started pouring heavily, VERY heavy! seriously bikin takut, pun sa rasa tia penah sampai gini oh. but luckily no thunder or lightning la. i was so scared and sampai c Dania pun takut bah. c hubby pun not around (keja malam).

Apa kaitan tajuk? ^^ bah lau sudah gitu kuat storm kan for sure my imagination pun macam2 lah hehe.

- I was sooo scared that the electricity will out! coz only the two of us at home, mmg bikin takut kn! so cepat2 sa angkat itu emergency light and charge it. and the hp too. last time it happen to me and Dania but luckily it was around 9pm only, still abit early kan. just now the storm started at 11pm something. and jiran seblah pun teda.

- In our house, the ceiling there's this jalan tuk p atas roof bah, and itu penutup is not really sealed well so everytime if there's strong wind it will move and make sound. so i'm scared because of the wind just now so strong kan manatau tercabut pula kan itu penutup and if the lid gone maybe the birds (yang buat sarang dalam roof) might fly inside our house or maybe worst if any of the bird die (coz kena tiup angin kan hehehe) and kena tiup or terjatuh dalam rumah i will DIE! ok maybe ketakutan and kegelian brabis ja la ^^ so everytime the lid making sound i was hoping that nothing will fall down on the floor hehee!

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Hhhmmmm it's like i can hear the macarons is calling me. konon oh kan! maybe i'm being a hypocrite here,because in my previous post i said that my spirit of baking is gone but now here i am talking about macarons? i know. but this is not cake. i was wondering the whole day, do any of the cake supply store sell almond flour?

Sepa penah buat macarons? i heard that this cutesy is so famous in west m'sia and i saw Daphne Iking bake it.


Sabrina Fayez said...

Hi Anne,
I can see your passion towards baking are soooo strong! Memang tu sometimes when the unexpected things happened our mood will suddenly gone. But it will recover once u successfully did the second round. Keep on trying and dont u ever give up. This is your passion bahh.. No worries, sekejap jak tu hilang your mood..hehehe..;)
I never taste the macaroons but they said it super delicious. Bah nnt klu ko suda buat, kirim2 la p sini...hehehehe;)

Take care!

Anne B. said...

Hi sabrina...

mmg passion la ni hahahaa!!thanks ;) yaba...looks delicious kan, eh where r u?labuan kan? hahah jauhnyaaa ^^ u make la then u show k...heheee

Isabel said...

Saya pun klo cuaca mcm tu lbh2 lagi malam nda senang hati tau..bikin takut. haha..nah balik suda mood ko kan? hehe..

Hannah said...

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Andrik McVean said...

hi there, i have just followed your blog..i hope you can follow me back..u have a nice blog here..
i will be waiting for you on my blog...see u there..cheers