Friday, July 27

Flying high

Despite the chaos about the inlaws and personal issue -_-' .....

...... i am feeling creative lately!

 no... not just about book-scraping, but other stuff too like photography, designing, pretty thing and etc.

I planted a flower today, hopefully it will grow beautifully. and i watched Black Swan, LOVED it. i lurvvveee ballet!

Positive Positive Positive!!!


Monday, July 16

Move out please!!

Yes i want them to move out of the house sooner!

SIL and all her kids please think straight, pack your stuff and move outta house without us telling you guys to do it. For god sake can't you even think about that yet?? and NO i will not wait until you get you pension!

Each of us have our own family and we need our own space. without anyone or anybody staying at the house, keep coming back for a stay even someone who's not related to us at all! but all you guys do to the house and us are totally no respect at all and i'm getting annoyed and irritate by it already, so STOP!!!

You have work, your kids are big enough, you have your own money and your own way of crazy life so go and find a house that you manage to rent or maybe buy! i am sick and tired of all this already. 


I wanna have a proper door and own house keys!
If only i can say all those things to her face to face wouldn't it be easier for me? apparently i'm not strong enough. however yes i want them to move out of the house this year! that's all.

Friday, July 13

Don't worry

Well no.2 is the hardest one to avoid. well......

Wednesday, July 4

July and the rest of the night...

Well i'll be 25 this month ^^

It's not such a big thing for me and i don't even bother about it actually. and 5 more years i'll be 30 !!!! should i be worried, NO.

Anyhooo i just thought that this month will be the most challenging month for me, for my personal life. and yes i am still confused and maybe in big dilemma!

Anyhooo again.... no more football every night and i'm sad. i feel like my night was sooo boring without this excitement feeling every single night waiting for a match after match after match! but now no more waiting... no more more goosebumps watching my fav team scoring...etc, no more!

And i have to wait another 2 years for the World Cup. Okay i know there will be League game too but hey a battle between country is more interesting right?

Okay i even painted my nail with the Spain colour, talk about high-spirit for the final!! LOL

Fernando Torres with her daughter! yes he's off the market so sad (joking!) and he has a son too named Leo, his daughter named Nora and he's only 28!

I'm sure some of you if reading this post knows that Maya Karin was a big fan of football too... ^^ and she even flew to Ukraine to watch the match between Germany and Greece i think.... so jealous! i wish i could watch a live match too LOL and i wouldn't mind painting my face like her to support my favorite team! GO ESPANA ^^

Photo source : Maya Karin's twitter.

Okay in conclusion every night is boring! besides entertaining Dania with her crankiness yeah that's all.