Wednesday, July 4

July and the rest of the night...

Well i'll be 25 this month ^^

It's not such a big thing for me and i don't even bother about it actually. and 5 more years i'll be 30 !!!! should i be worried, NO.

Anyhooo i just thought that this month will be the most challenging month for me, for my personal life. and yes i am still confused and maybe in big dilemma!

Anyhooo again.... no more football every night and i'm sad. i feel like my night was sooo boring without this excitement feeling every single night waiting for a match after match after match! but now no more waiting... no more more goosebumps watching my fav team scoring...etc, no more!

And i have to wait another 2 years for the World Cup. Okay i know there will be League game too but hey a battle between country is more interesting right?

Okay i even painted my nail with the Spain colour, talk about high-spirit for the final!! LOL

Fernando Torres with her daughter! yes he's off the market so sad (joking!) and he has a son too named Leo, his daughter named Nora and he's only 28!

I'm sure some of you if reading this post knows that Maya Karin was a big fan of football too... ^^ and she even flew to Ukraine to watch the match between Germany and Greece i think.... so jealous! i wish i could watch a live match too LOL and i wouldn't mind painting my face like her to support my favorite team! GO ESPANA ^^

Photo source : Maya Karin's twitter.

Okay in conclusion every night is boring! besides entertaining Dania with her crankiness yeah that's all.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

have a blessed bday celebration

SimplySeoul said...

i'm a july baby too.. hehe. my first bday without dad around :(.

Anonymous said...

brp tu harga ticket p tgk ?? mhl tu kan?