Friday, June 22

Dania and skin

Lucu juga title post sa ^^

I just wanted to post out here for remembrance about my little princess (she called herself Princess Dania)

She is allergic to : eggs, dust, seafood, bath cream products (eg. johnson&johnson and cosway)

So when she exposed to this things Dania's skin will get dry and itchy. i mean seriously dry and rough. she will be scratching her whole body non-stop! if this continuing the eczema will pop out.

When she was born i didn't even think about Dania will have this kind of skin because me and her dad don't have skin allergy except maybe dry skin. So i thought maybe from other family members right.

I can control her from eating the food but talking about the essential need for her skin was really mind blowing when comes to the price. luckily it will last as long as 2 or 3months.

Will post pics soon.

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Anonymous said...

dia allergic sm eggs ka? tp time dia d cni byk pun dia mkn eggs? - belle