Thursday, January 29

should i hate tawau


Because of it i'm far away from my family and friends.
Because of it i have no friends here or anyone i know except for ney.
Because of it i am alone at home everytime ney gone to work, especially at night.
Because of it i'm low in spirit when i'm about to wake up.
Because of it i always wake up late!!!
Because of it my appetite to eat is not stable.
Because of it we always waste our money traveling back and forth.
Because of it make both of us stressed out to get transfer fast!
Because of it i don't have the freedom to walk around.
Because of it i always feel lazy.
Because of it we seldom get to save some money.

And the last reason above is the main reason for me to hate tawau. i'm sorry if some of your hometown is in tawau. i hate it because i have to be here. okay, yeah money always the main reason and in the end most of the money gone. this is not good at all. so not good.

So now two of ney's friend already get tranfered to kk/kgau last month and this month. so i was wondering when is ney's turn??? where will he be transfer? i do really seriously hope to kgau. everyday i pray *wahh* hehe yes i do pray so that He will help us for whatever going on in our lives. i have this feeling that ney will be transfer this middle of Fedruary. Hope so.

*finger cross*

Anyway how's ur CNY? Must be enjoyable to death. mine? i mentioned already, boring. no ang pow again that. huh.

Well this is the first time i'm experiencing cny here in tawau. how was it? despite that i didn't go to any open-house here but the fireworks all are totally awesome!! yes! there's no different than kgau actually if we talk about fireworks.
Lucky for me living on the 4th floor and i have balcony facing most of the chinese's house and the town, so every fireworks i can watch clearly and beautifully.

I am bloody homesick to death. Bloody boring. and bloody tired of waiting!!

I'm sorry if all i do is complaining (-_-')

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