Wednesday, October 29

About tuesday

Yesterday went to clinic because my tonsils getting worst. even just by drinking some water is painful so i just had to go for checkup.
anyway so at the clinic the doctor checked me and he said that my tonsil was bad already. there's so many swell thing in my tonsil area that's why swallowing the saliva. and plus my tonsils got nanah!! (i don't know what's nanah in english ok) i was shocked hearing that. and so they gave me medicine which cost me rm30 huh. just seeing all the pills and i don't believe that i have to swallow that! the pills is big and thick. i never see any pills like that before. i even took a snap of it :

this is all my medicine 5 types. thick and big is that pills!
it's panadol,antibiotik and painkillers.

All my life never ever see pills this thick! when i tried to swallow this pills down my throat by drinking water its so hard for it to go all the way down the throat. how do i know? i can feel and taste it in my throat ok. and its like stuck there for a while then went down. so hard to swallow it!
Well enough about it, i'm feeling abit better now.

Ohhh Happy Belated Birthday to my sister Myra on the 27th October!! yea....she's all big now. she's 13!! didn't get a chance to get her present yet. i'm still thinking.

Went to Giant that just opened here last week and i am soooo relief that it's here. because this is the only place or store that very good and nice and maybe convinience for me. it's not just the Giant store in there, they also have Guardian, kfc, accessories store, shoes store and etc.... and i tell ney that i'm not going to any shop at the town anymore because i am just gonna go here to buy things or to shop.

What's on my mind : i want an oven!seriously. and i need to improve my english.

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