Friday, October 10

A okay day

What made me smile today? afterall this while, i watched tv drama. yeah, my astro they connected back. and i watched CDs.

1. The Nanny !!

I looovvveee this show since .... i don't know, i'm 8 y.o. that i can remember. i still cannot forget about how last time me, my mum and my dad loves to watched this every sunday but till now it's still make me laugh.
what i love about this show is their character like Fran and Niles and their script is so good. i watched it at channel Hallmark 702.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. !!

I mean who doesn't love to watch this drama right? i still love it! and channel Starworld 711 always play it over and over again. so everyday watching it totally made my day and make me smile.
so which character is the best? i'm sure everybody will say Rachel but me i don't have the best character coz everybody is so funny and Chandler's joke and attitude always hilarious.

3. My 19 year old sister in law!!

This is my aunt's vcd korean collection and i must say that this is my most favorite story ever. well other than Full House ok. anyway i really like this drama. coz when u just start to watch it you will wanna go and continue next cd next cd eventhough you were all sleepy and it's 4 am in the morning coz its so good and funny.
the main character is this girl which i don't think that she suit the character coz seems like she's trying so hard to act the character that she'd given but whatever, i love the story not her. so i'm watching it every night before going for bed.

Here's another drama that can make me smile no matter what :

4. Mind your own language !

it's a 70's drama actually. i remember watching it with my dad at his house when i was little and we were all laughing. my dad always follow this spainish man whenever he was talking like ' por favor ' ( if i spell it right ). anyway its really a funny funny story though. i saved it in my lappie every episode.
Conclusion? nothing i just wanna blog here about some drama that can really make me smile and made my day and can make me just throw away little by little the negative stuff or the sadness i had in me. and its for myself to remember old drama still as good as todays drama.


Lastnight i suddenly remembered or should i say missed my old handphone so badly. i regreted that i trade-in it to buy the sony hp for ney. infact i bought the hp with my own money again that! that's why i don't feel good about it.
anyway i promised if i'm back in kk again i will go to the shop where i trade-in it. i really do hope that they still have it.

Here's a photo of it. really missed it!

So pretty right!!

This is my current hp :

Still cantik and nice right.... huh now? most of the keypad is broke into two and the colour is like beginning to fade. i bought this in April and now is October. only 6months old.

I'll post some pictures about my holiday and hari raya tomorrow tomorrow.

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