Monday, October 13


Last night i dreamed about puppies!! if only it was a real thing (-_-')
So i googled some pictures of puppies just now to find the look a like of the two puppy in my dream :

the picture above (brown puppy) is the one i dreamed last night, not the black one. then the second one looks like this :

it's black and white and both of them is very playful in my dream. they were playing in my blanket and all.... i was sooo happy that time. my feeling in my dream its like " wow...finally i have these puppies that i've been wanting soo much "

but sadly its not a real thing.
i really do want a puppy!! so today also i've been googling hehe very hard to find cheap maltese/yorkies/shih tzu puppies and i've been email some people about the puppy that they are selling. so as i keep on google this puppies i suddenly realized where on earth i'm suppose to take care of them coz in my house right now is quite difficult coz most of the people here is a muslims and no one here have puppy as their pets. so thats why i wish (again) i'm staying in kk or keningau. stupid place!
its sooooo hard to find a cheap one here in this country! specially in sabah. so lame. i wish i'm in china which they sell their puppies sooo cheap one.

This is my dream to have puppy :

yeah..i've always want the white colour. but if i do find cheap puppy like this in any colour i'll take it no matter what! then if i do find this kind of puppy walking down the street alone without no license or whatever i'll take it with me hahahaa! i'll kidnap it.

i want puppy so badly......

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