Thursday, October 16

How much cuter she can be !

Super super excited me!!
okay i've mention about how i go and email email strangers about their dog because im looking for a puppy right and i received quite a few email from them. saying that my price is to low la.....the puppy is sold la...and the list goes on.
But last night i received this email from a maltese owner and he want to give his puppy a new home (like adoption lah) and he wants me to have his puppy and it's a female one!
So cute, so adorable she can be. plus she's a maltese and this kind of breed most people go and sell like 1k plus. all those people are sooo greedy one! but i can have this maltese for free! well i have to pay for the international shipping actually coz she's from singapore.
hhhmmm..... but why there's still this doubt feeling inside of me about having this puppy?

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