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My days of Hari Raya '08

29 Sept '08

Early in the morning at 5.30 am me, ney and his friends konvoi going back to kk through ranau road. do i enjoy my journey? no. why? because it's a very hot day as hell!! the whole journey i was sweating, even there's the aircon car but it can't beat the heat at all. plus ney and his friends keep on stopping here and there and i was so mad to him coz he just followed whatever his friends did. the heat was quite bad especially the journey from the sandakan checkpoint then telupid, then ranau kundasang only i'm feeling okay la coz there the place is windy. i was quite surprise when we reach kundasang coz before this kundasang that i went last time is cold and not hot at all, but this time it was quite hot! talk about global warming huh... this is not good for the tourism there i guess.
i was feeling dehydrated there so we were driving around like what only trying to find cold drinks but most of the store there they don't have any! crazy right!?! we arrived quite late then what i expected all because of ney's friends! here's some pictures at ranau kundasang :

this is the picture of gunung kinabalu but i can't snap it properly coz ney was driving so fast but the view is so clear and big.

this is ney driving

this is my stuff food hehee...very messy kan. oh the 'tao kae noi' is my seaweed and it's super good!!

30 Sept '08

Yesterday we arrived nearly 5pm. yes it's late!! but everthing i forget when i saw my baby cousin bebe. she'd grown up and more cuter more clever than ever than before!
This is few pictures of her i snap when we were about to go out to City Mall. she's wearing her new outfit that my aunt just bought. my aunt have the same pants like that, so that's the reason why she bought it for her daughter. i realized that Bebe really know how to pose infront of the cam these days. i think she should be a model for children's ad hahahaaa!!

this bebe, her brother govin and ney was playing the excersise thing (i forgot its name) at city mall.
i had fun with them!

At 6pm we drove back to keningau to go back to ney's house to be with his family to celebrate hari raya and i'm all excited that time. so we arrived there 9pm, quite late coz we stopped at gunung emas somemore.
so when we arrived they all were still busy painting the house and baking biscuit, last minute preparation i guess. but i'm so happy to meet them. i'm so tired that time so after i had dinner straightly i fell asleep.

01 Oct '08 (first day Hari Raya)

Today is the first day of raya!! yea....
We went to some open house of our relative at kg. masjid and we had all this foods and biscuits that we hardly see during normal day. i didn't take any picture of the food because too many people that time busy having and taking food. but it was all good and satisfaction!
Quite tiring actually go here and there that day plus again the hot weather! yeah keningau is hot but not as hot as kk. i tell you the heat in kk is twice hot compare here and keningau!

this is bebe when we were hari raya-ing hehee..
she don't want to give anybody that sit.

this is me, i think it was midnight i took this picture and that time i was all exhausted and sleepy. can see on my pale and tired face actually.
at first i decide not to post this pic coz i don't look good here but whathehell right.

Despite all the heat, tired and stickyness feel i had fun!
no duit raya this year *sob sob*

02 Oct '08 (second day Hari Raya)

I woke up quite early that day. we had delicious breakfast of all time! ney's sister made the most delicious nasi minyak and rendang.
after that we rushed to follow ney's sisters to their uncle's house at Bingkor for an open house and to visit the grave.
the grave was just few meters from their uncle's house so we walked there.
this is the pictures of us visiting the grave.

this is ney pouring the water full of flowers on their late father's grave Stimson Jaimi Gunsanad.
everybody was there to do it and have to it including me *surprise*

this is the grave of their late grandfather - Jaimi Gunsanad

this is the view of lake near the graveyard. the lake have alot of big fish actually.
i really like it here, very windy and calming.
the boy sitting there is Wan, ney's nephew.

03 Oct '08

At night we had barbeque!! so excited! we all help each other to prepare this.
there's alot of food and all is super super delicious! honestly i tell here. they made mee kari, fruit salad, barbeque the chicken wings, there's ketupat and lemang and etc.....
i didn't take picture of the food also coz me and ney is soooooo hungry waiting for the food so we just eat and finish all fast! heheehee...

this is ney preparing for the coal. small right the place to barbeque the chicken wings.

I had fun that night!
So the next day we suppose to go back but we postponed to the next2 day. i'm so happy!
by the time the day arrived for us to go back through the kalabakan road i was so sad like never before to leave all the fun there in keningau. thats why i feel so depressed.
It was a short short holiday! and i'm not satisfy.

The End

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