Tuesday, November 18


If only we here are celebrating thanksgiving right before christmas like the orang putih (^.^) maybe my list will be long enough to thanks to anybody.

But eventhough i'm not celebrating all this thanksgiving stuff, here and today i would like to say a BIG thank you to this two people :

- my uncle RL
- Stephenny

Steph you're the best friend ever. Always be there when i need help or just anything. whether i'm whining or crying or bitching or facing any problem or anything you'll always there to help me no matter what. i owe you. and i love you as one my best friend.

* just so you know that i don't know today is a thanksgiving day or what is just that i want to be grateful and be thankful for somebody that willing to help which is most people only do it on thanksgiving.

Thank you!!

* i miss Bebe. 3 days to go starting tomorrow!

* Does anybody know what is the date for next year Chinese New Year??


well miranda and orlando not officially engaged actually. Bummer!

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