Monday, November 17

Earthquake !!

*drum roll*

Hehehee.... okay for the first time ever.... i experienced an earthquake!! it was last night.

But not the big earthquake, if its big i will not posting this entry now (^o^). Anyway, it's just a slight one.
I was laying down while watching tv that time on the floor then suddenly i felt like, (how to explain ahh...) like my floor was not in a real horizontally position. get it? it's like this building was held up only from one side. even the sliding door making noise like being pushed from the outside because of the earthquake, only one side is up and the other is still down. It's only for a second then back to normal.
Okay i don't know if i explain it correctly here.

So this morning i'm not still sure whether it was an earthquake or what, then i asked ney. and he said yes, there's a small one last night! and everybody talked about it, but he didn't realize when it happened. and it was soo hard explaining to him just now about what happen last night. susah betul !


I dreamed a number this morning when i'm still sleeping. So me and ney decide to bomb it this wednesday hahaa.... i really HOPE we will win it! well there's two number actually only the middle one of the number is different. it's our car number bah but terbalik saja (4939).

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