Sunday, November 16


OMG !! *laugh laugh laugh* i saw this on Britney's web and i love it! you should click this ----->WATCH it okay!! because its super funny!! Britney were impersonating someone and if you wanna know who watch it k.

I've been Britney fan for ages. i think since her first appearance in the industries. despite all her bad rumors and all her fall from grace stuff, i am STILL love and a fan of her. its true. i still remember last time i used to sing and remembering all her song, i have all her album (well not mine exactly, its my dad's he got it for free coz he's a dj) and i have this whole collection of her pictures from every magazines that i bought. but that's not the crazy thing.... this is, my room's wall is full of Britney's posters! my mum used to nag me about it, she said that it's not good to put alot of poster on the wall but that time i just don't care what people say.

Ohh and i remember there's this one girl at my school last time that me and my friends (i think most student) all agree that she look alike Britney. Hahahaa... trust me till now people still say it.

NO! i'm not a stalker okay (^_^) i'm just a big fan of her till now and for me she's still sweet and beautiful as ever.
NO! i'm not a lesbo ok hehe.

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