Sunday, November 9

Gimme More

The other day we watched 30 Days Of Night and i like it eventhough while watching it i always close my eyes and my ear (figure out why). Yes i know i'm kinda late of watching it but whatever, atleast i watched it already because it takes me long consideration to watch this movie because it's a scary movie and f.y.i this is my first scary movie for this year. because again last year i made a vow to not watch any scary movie ever again but i did watch so the vow doesn't count anymore hehe.

I don't like the ending part. because the hero died! Josh Harnett (my first male-celeb crush after watched Pearl Harbour) died!! he sacrificed himself for his wife and became one of the vampires (i think) just so he can protect his wife. how he died? burned by sunrise! so stupid.

So after watching the movie, i wondered and interested to know about vampires / dracula. do they really exist? and do Traslyvania really exist?? so i googled about it here. Translyvania does exist!! but the vampires and dracula thing i don't think so. it's only name and imagination.


I love Fashion House!! so much! the telenovela is very hot. love it! unfortunately star world show it at 3 & 4 am ! can't they show it abit early? so because of this i can't watch it everyday.


And star world please show the next season of Lipstick Jungle!! can't get enough of this.


Update about my sis's wedd : looks like she'll do her wedd reception here in KK. now i have to find good reason for it. coz if she do it at Aust i don't have to find any reason for not........ (-_-)

Ohh did anybody watch Melodi today? the story about norman hakim and abby abadi is getting hotter! anyway for me norman hakim is jerk and full of lies. why can't he just sign & fill that damn application for divorce!

I'm looking forward to watch this new movie of Madagascar 2!!! can't wait!

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