Saturday, November 15

I Wondered

Ym-ed with Didy just now. she was busy doing some study for her exam tomorrow, it was last minute study for her.

Our conversation.

Me : pandainya anak mami baru now study....

Didy : mami suru pi sekolah bukannya mengorat abg kantin....hehehehee

Me : (wtf?!?) apa maksud kau? kau menyindir sya nie kan *wink wink*

Didy : tdk lah.... itu adalah pepatah melayu (only that she changed some word)

Me : manada pepatah melayu begitu !! sya tdk pernah dgr pun.

Didy : adalah! cikgu BM kita masa form 4 ajar. (she said it seriously the pepatah do exist)

So and so i keep on protesting her about it. she was totally made it up! and sindir me! i almost believe what she said.

I wanna know if the name of Borneo is part of Sarawak also? because as far as i know that Borneo is only in Sabah region.
Anybody know?

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