Saturday, November 15

for me...

I am alone tonight so i had a good laugh alone watching Sehati Berdansa. This season is so much better than before. They really did a good job in dancing to entertained people. I think this is Dancing With The Star Malaysian's version kan.

Orlando Bloom and Victoria Secret's angel Miranda Kerr are engaged and now they planning on their wedding day!! Yeaaaa.... i really like this couple. Did anybody realize that Orlando's ex KAte Bosworth and fiancee now their face do have in common kan (for me lah i don't know what others think) . Look :

And they both super gorgeous!! me and my sis used to argue about how pretty and cute Kate is and how she and Orlando really look good together but she disagree because my sis that time she's like in love with Orlando hahaa. I wonder if my sis knew about Orlando and Miranda now.

aren't they look meant to be together...

Here's one thing. For me Miranda is the first Australian's women that i find very attractive and beautiful compare to others, not only celeb but the people too(no offence), including Nicole Kidman. So yeah, Miranda is the only one. and she's my new fav VS's angel too, Alessandra Ambrosio was then.


i was planning on joining the contest by Kakiis - whos got the best buddies around? and they need a photo or video of you and your friend. so i was searching for any photos of mine with my friends but i couldn't find any photo at all. most of the photo is lame. that proved me and my friends didn't / don't snap any photo when we met. well plus again it's been ages since i meet them. so if my plan stay at kk this December i will take lotsa picture with my friend if i meet them. for sure.

so you go and join this contest if you have nice pictures ok.

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