Friday, November 28

Hundred miles from home

i felt awkward not going back home with ney lastnight.
i felt really uncomfortable. i don't know why.... i worried all the time about ney and the house but i don't know why (mcm org tua kan).
anyway it's only been one day i'm being single without ney here with me in kk but i already felt like missing something.

but.... it doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy myself here.
i am happy.
happy with my cousins. with my family.
it's been almost a week i'm here but i still haven't meet my mum and my sis.

last week we went back to kgau but we didn't use the ranau road to tambunan,
instead we used to kk road. one borneo and i love Daiso! hehe
so we had the chance to go to
skejap only we stay at kgau, 4 days.

this is ney with his nephew did fishing.
i miss kgau.

kk and kgau everyday also raining, then when there's the sun it was hot as hell.
make me feel like sick only.

okay me and my cousin just got our new ic today.
it's been 3 months i didn't take my ic then the guy there asked me why.
mau juga kan.
don't ask me about the picture on the my kad.
i don't like it at all.
if only i can go and change the picture.
hate it.

don't laugh hehe.

to Didy : Happy Belated b'day b**ch!! hehee

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