Sunday, November 30

Crazy weekend !!

My feet is killing me now and kk is hot like crazy!!!

okay Saturday and Sunday me and my cousins and aunt go shopping only. not shop till drop lah but window2 shopping hehe. anyway i took some pictures. we went to Parkson and One Borneo.

Saturday - Parkson

me & sheila after we kacau2 my couz.

What we kacau? well at Parkson i think both of us kinda boring coz after finding some clothes for both of my cousin (Bebe and Mia) but sheila called mia zombie kg.pisang hehe, bah then when Mia was in the fitting room me, sheila and my aunt being crazy and did some skodeng thing using our handphone camera to Mia while she tried her new clothes. it was sooooo funny till i laugh my heads off! tears coming out my eyes coz it was soooo crazy funny. and there's more funny thing happened during that time.

me after tired of laughing hehe

Sunday - One Borneo

By the time we reached there not one single parking space available! so we terpaksa park abit far from there.
Went to Bu Bu Land to play play there and we play so many time the drum thing. it was fun.

my aunt and my couz sheila & zizie while playing the drum.

Then we go window shopping to Tune. then go to Wagamama to feed our tummy hee, actually we just wanna use the coupon that Mei have and we're thinking that all the food that we ate cost only like 100 + but end up paying like 200 + even after using the coupon.

long list of sushi rambang mata me hee

this is the plates of sushi that we ate and there's more !

Mei and Zizie after kenyang..

Bebe licking the stick from the drinks and
she's wearing her new clothes from parkson

After that we go to this computer shop, i don't know the name of the shop. me and my aunt want to buy new mouse for our lappie. so this is the mouse that we bought for rm43 for me its expensive but luckily my aunt bought it for me hehe. we took the same color and i love it!

look, i like about the cord that can be wrap. very neat.

Okay after paying it we go to this clothes shop and i saw this super cute pretty dress! so Mei and me tried it on and we took pictures. but we didn't buy the dress (-_-') but next time when i go to One Borneo again i'll buy it definitely!

don't laugh ok!

Then its time to go home and that time is almost 9 pm already. we arrived there at 3 pm i think.

me with sheila kepenatan already this.

Christmas tree! so pretty!

But the craziness and tiredness didn't just end when we leavind one borneo. when we arrived at home all of us played Twister! have you ever play it? it's fun! i end up losing many times coz it was hard ok.

all my crazy cousin while playing the twister.

We played this game using cards, i think the game Mei said called King and it was super funny. it was hard to explain here on how to play the game.

Overall my day with all of them is FUN and CRAZY. and all day i am tired of laughing laughing laughing only.

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