Friday, November 14

The Best

I forgot to change the blogger setting for anybody to view my blog so that's why.... now ok ordy la.

Anyway after using it for 2 or 3 years i think, this is the BEST mascara ever!! (for me ok) maybe other people have their own fav mascara.

What's the best part? it's very super-affordable compare to others, only RM 12.90 . before this i always use different brand of mascara like Maybelline, Lo'real, Bodyshop and etc.... but i think this little Silkygirl is better. Ohh and Bodyshop came in 2nd place la hee...

Look what it did to my lashes after wearing it.

I know it's not that super long or thick like fake lashes but atleast it works and make your lashes looks nice and pretty right.

I've been reading this book again by Jackie Collins.

I must tell that she's the best author *wink wink* very chessy one. well i think all of her book is like that. now i have two or three of her book already. i used to collect books last time and i think i need to buy a new book again. the last time i bought a book is early last year i think.
Know what book i have in mind? cooking book! haha i'm just crazy about food at the moment. and i just realized that i beginning to become like my mum already! ohh no.....

Well atleast i'm happy. i can feel that our life will become alot better soon.

"happy me"

Now all i can do is stay positive and patient of it to come and always pray!

Last night had kinda big argument. and it sucks. and i will not talk again!

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