Friday, March 19

She's 6months! and 6months to go....

Today my little noty princess turned 6month already (hahaa macam la turn 1year kan mo xcited sgt ;p) BUT... it is huge thing for me everytime her age meningkat coz that shows how time pass by so fast for us and now she's getting bigger (which sometimes i hate to think about).

Yesterday both me n Dania fell sick. she got high fever which stressed me alot and me i had runny nose n headache. but today Dania is ok already only little coughing but me i'm still not feeling well.
Just now we went to giant to do some grocery shopping and we bought this rice cereal for Dania. i wanna see if she like it so when we reach home after i wipe her body i gave her the rice cereal and she loved it! well maybe bcoz i mix it with her formula anmum milk.

Today Dania's attitude abit grumpy plus i'm not in the very good condition myself so i'm abit tension hehee...i don't know what's wrong but i think her gum is just itchy and maybe not comfortable. luckily tonight she wasn't grumpy at all.

One thing that i realize about Dania nowadays whenever she sleep on our bed she always wakeup and cry like she's not comfortable and like her body ache (whenever this happen i'll get mad). well i think the bed is abit hard for her to sleep on so tonight i cover the the bed with comforter and she didn't wakeup and cry anymore. so i was right, she soft soft bed just like me when i am still pregnant Dania in me belly hehe!!

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Anonymous said...

ANNE! dont stop blogging. You should blog about dania =D keep us update with her development