Monday, April 4

Great Monday?

How's your monday? i love weekdays compare to weekend actually. mesti banyak tia suka monday kan.

Today hubby keja malam so this afternoon went for groceries shopping (again *_*) at servay and giant. Nah ini la sa mau komen ni ^^ at first we went to servay and bought lot of stuff and i paid almost rm50 only then went to giant pula buy Dania's pampers and few other stuff, 3 - 4 barang ja la tambahan and i paid for rm80! doi tekejut sa, i thought the cashier girl salah kira ka apa coz just a few stuff can cost that much. maybe i bought expensive stuff? no lah. harga barang yang sa beli more than rm10 is pampers and chicken only, other is less than rm10. jadi kenapa tu boleh sampai gitu?

Jadi konon2 like i realized or know this giant punya tactic for their customer. hahaa! all the stuff that their selling there kecil kecil lah angka depan tu harga tapi di blakang itu harga semua 99 cent! nah, bukan bikin mahal ka tu? some people might not see that cent at the back of the price, mostly they will only check the front number so skali bayar aikk napa ni macam lebih rm10?? eee geram sangat. so next time groceries shopping will only go to servay, i don't care if it's far or hard to find park or banyak pendatang or sempit or even if my hubby bising2 ^^ i will go there only.

Luckily we had our lunch at kfc coz ada budak kelaparan bising2. lagipun lama sudah tidak makan bah. then back home almost 4 pm already?! lama juga oh bejalan, terus pengsan hehee.

Dania have a new toy that her papa bought for her last week :

it's a punching walrus. we thought that she might like it sekali ketakutan bah! so because of that i always placed the walrus near the fridge, why? c dania sekarang balik2 suka buka fridge! mau ber aircon kali, she will sit there and talk talk talk or she asked for her drinks. geram betul, my electricity bill sure naik this time.

what is that on her head? boleh guess? ini keja papa dia.

last week picture. makan keropok sambil tengok playhouse disney.
not good!

Devil Food cake recipe
(sebab sedap kan so mau post out) :

170 g butter
240 g caster sugar
80 g cocoa powder
300 ml milk
3 eggs
200 g all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1. Preheat oven 180 c. Beat the sugar and butter until pale and fluffy. add the egg one at a time, beat well for 5 mins. in separate bowl mix a little bit milk into the cocoa powder until it become like paste, pour it into the butter mixture and mix it until well combine.

2. in other bowl also sift the flour with the baking powder and salt. slowly pour half of the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture and fold it using a wooden spoon or spatula. then pour in the remaining milk into the mixture and stir it. again pour in the remaining flour mixture into the chocolate mixture and fold it again until it mix well.

3. bake it for 50 minute. cool it.

The buttercream icing you can use icing sugar, butter and vanilla. its up to you what flavor you want to use. i used coffee, so just put a teaspoon of coffee emulco ganti itu vanilla, kalau malas buat from real coffee powder ^^

Oh i want to ask anyone of you ever bake or eat and have a coconut cake recipe that taste yummy? please share it with me.
i tried to google it already but the result is hopeless. most of it is using instant cake mix from box, sa tia suka gitu. i want old school bah hehee.


Anonymous said...

sama ja dgn khyra, suka buka peti ais. pernah hari tu dia pi berdiri di dalam lepas tu dia tutup, nasib sa nampak bah!

Nanak said...

eh,mana ko tgl ni? mimang tu giant pun ndak suka shopping sn cuma kdg2 sajalah klu turun kk..
sy pun hari tu beli siikit, sekali nah lbh rm100..haha..

CathJ said...

itu lah .99 tu yg bikin panas tu... hihihihi...

di sini saya selalu p Giant atau tesco... paling dekat giant... ada benda yg murah di giant, tapi mahal di Tesco... ada yg murah di tesco... mahal di giant... so.. 2-2 pun kana pigi hihihi....

Anne B. said...

hi eis..

hahaa nasib ko nmpk dia msk dlm kan, nasib our fridge x muat dania d dlm..

hi nanak...

sa ni skrg d twu bah, itulah beli skit ja skali byr bkin tekejut kn heheee...

hi cath...

memang bikin panas ;) nah cm sa jga la ni, p giant or servay ja. now if p giant bli pampers n ayam ja, murah d sna n other stuff d servay sdh la ni heehee..

☠ Mitchell ☠ said...

yaaayyyyy!!! love it! thanks Anne! :D will try to make it.. akan sya post kan dlm blog to tell you the result ^o^