Thursday, April 7

My early rabbit year

^^ i'm not gonna talk about the year of a rabbit. what i wanted to say is that this 2011 seems to hate me. betul ni! pedahal tahun sa bah ni. how's this year so far for you?

sorry ah if i'm acting and complaining like a teenager saja. i just want to let it out.

because early months like this from january lah like there's always something wrong or not good happened. yang make me sad or worried. something like that. fungshui not good ka? hehehee!!

Be optimistic and be positive!! everything will be just fine *sigh*


anyway c hubby asking me and Dania to come with him for a fishing this friday with his friend, apalah sa buat sana?maybe there's a small park overthere but if me and Dania only sana park tidak juga best kan. unless i told him if his friend's wife and kids are coming too then i'll go.

we'll see kan.

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