Saturday, April 2

24 hours is not enough

Some people think that way.

I'm talking about this because my movie list yang sa downloaded tlampau banyak suda and didn't get the chance yet to watch them.

The internet temptation is too strong and i can't resist it ^^ i could actually watch the movie when my little one is sleeping but then you see masa tu juga sa mau on the internet, to check me facebook, update blog, bloghopping, play game or surf other webs. then surf punya surf punya surf until la c Dania wakeup so the time is up for me for 'me-time'. everyday kinda like this la my schedule. No, i can't watch the movie while Dania is awake, susah! can't concentrate bah.

Jadi 24 jam everyday memang tidak cukup lau mau buat semua ni. morning had bfast then tidy the kitchen and straight cook for lunch while Dania is watching her Barney/Elmo. after that give her a bath and do the laundry sambil2 kasi makan her lunch. lepas tu lah masa sa start berinternet skejap saja ^^ then time for her nap and then continue with the internet and the laundry. if i'm not on the internet i will fell asleep together with Dania la tu sampai la jam5 gitu ^^.
usually it will be our tea time together plus play with her. now our dvd player rosak so she took over my lappy every morning and evening. until time for her to take a bath again. lepas tu kena masak for dinner and dania tengok her dvd again. and at the same time she want me to play with her. we have dinner together while watching her dvd lagi!
sometimes i will distract her with toys or books so that time i took over the laptop, off her dvd hehe, tapi walaupun sudah rebut balik tu laptop dari dia masih juga disturb me asking me to follow her here and there or do this and that *pening*
until almost midnight (yes she sleep very late this day, bikin malas juga) when she feel sleepy she must see another dvd then baru sa force her to go to bed! and that time i already tired kan, pun mau tidur juga. sometimes if belum ngantuk internet juga la sa cari (tengok tiada mau tngk movie juga kan)

Actually diri sendiri juga bah if you want to control the temptation kan? ^^ ini la saya ni susah skit.

Movie list i haven't watch yet :

1. Charlie and the chocolate factory
2. Hachiko a dog story
3. Harry potter and the deathly hallow
4. Night at the museum 2
5. Red
6. Silent hill
7. Rapunzel ; tangled
8. True blood season 1 (drama pun masuk ja)
9. Valentines day
10.The ugly truth

Aikk ngam ngam 10 juga oh kan yang sa belum tengok. there's more actually but the other movie is the one that i've already watch but want to watch it again that's why downloaded it again.

Still downloading :

1. Morning glory
2. What goes up
3. Due date

Banyak kan! that's why the hours is just not enough. or its just me? yalah.


SimplySeoul said...

Lately I'm busy and do not have any chance to watch movie T_T

CathJ said...

mcm tu lah kan jadi mummy... non stop work... aduh can't imagine me nanti kalau sudah 2 org ni... ~.~"

wah pjg juga list movie... lepas tu ada lagi yg belum siap load... nah sudah...hihihihi...

Anne B. said...

hi s.seoul...

sama la kita kan...:)

hi cath...

mmg non stop kan, nah apa lg lau ada dua...hehe mo tunggu ni crita ko nnt setelah ada dua sdh ;)
tulah pjg kn tu list sia, ntah cmna mau hbs tngk tu cath...

Sabrina Fayez said...

Same here! byk movie n drama i download buat haven't watch yet. Hahaha.. download then saved. tapi m'tgk nya entah bila..LOL!

Happy weekend Anne!

Anne B. said...

hi sabrina...

2 x 5 sudah kita ni hahaa, itulah susah mo cri masa tngk kn... happy weekend to u too :)

Anonymous said...

sy pun mmg susah sikit mau ada 'me-time' utk movie. nasib baiklah yg kecil tu sdh boleh bermain2 sama abg dia. masa tulah mama dia curi2 berinternet selain masa dia tidur :D

Anne B. said...

hi eis...

khyra bgs dpt main ngn sibling lain tapi dania still satu org lg hehee...ya masa drg tdr ja kan dpt internet lama2 ;)