Thursday, April 23


I said before that my lower abdomen sometimes in slight pain so i did some research (actually from :

It's quite typical. This aching, as opposed to cramping, is usually caused by the stretching of the muscles and ligaments supporting your womb (uterus). You'll probably feel it when you're getting up from a bed or chair, when you cough or when you get out of the bath. It may also become a problem when the baby's head engages in the later stages of pregnancy.

So i think it is normal. Pheewww...!!

Luckily at this stage where i am right now i didn't feel any of that, that often la. Only feeling like bloated most of the time.

I just came back from my mum's house coz i stayed there for afew day before Mei go to australia to register their marriage there for a couple of days. Because after this maybe i wont be able to spend any night with her anymore coz her husband will be sleeping with her.

So the other day went to clinic again for the weight monitoring session and i lost 1kg due to the bad diarrheoa i had since last friday. I have no idea what cause it and maybe it's normal for pregnant woman because of the hormone. Don't know lah. But on monday i am back to normal again and now i am 17weeks.
After that we went to the dentidt to check my gum and i need to do the scaling stuff if i'm not mistaken but i haven't done it yet. Maybe next week. My gum is getting worst!

Nowadays i can feel abit of small movement already from the baby and i love it. But my friend said that my tummy doesn't look like 4months pregnant. She said my tummy is small. So i was abit worried when she said that. Hopefully for the next few weeks my tummy will be bigger.

Ohh this is funny. The other day my grandma suddenly wanted to have a peek at my breast and i was like "huh??for what?" she said she just want to look at how's my breast look and she said what for i malu malu coz she's my grandma i was laughing and show her la. Then she said maybe you gonna have a girl.

I'm crossing my finger for what she'd say. hahaa. How can they know the sex just by looking at breast/nipple. Funny.

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