Thursday, April 16


On the 14th April i am officially 4months pregnant. I went for check up at the clinic that day.

I am excited because of my growing baby and my tummy getting bigger every week. I suppose the length of the baby is about between 8 - 10cm.

Right now i'm just worried about my gum bleeding. See lah if next month still the same even if i use the medicine they've given i'll go to the dentist.

The nurse said that i was overweight, over 2kg. and i was like what?? isn't that was suppose to be good for me to gain weight? plus it's only 2kg. So maybe it's not good for my pregnancy at this level. My weight suppose to be 37kg only.

I've just found out that Dynas the actress (sure you all know her) had a premature labour contractions during 61/2 months pregnant!! i am so shocked and feel so so so sorry for her lost on her baby girl. So because of that i am worried about myself!! very very worried!

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