Tuesday, April 28

more pregnant

The other day my aunt came here to bring home my grandma to her house, stay there until mei's reception. So weird for me as she was busy asking and talking about my pregnancy to my other aunt then when we were having our lunch then i said that she looks thinner than before but her tummy still nampak boroi lah hehe. She just smiling and said like jokingly that she's pregnant again but me and my other aunt don't believe her! then she said "see even you all also didn't believe me how can i accept the fact that i'm pregnant again??" it was funny because at the age 41 she still pregnant again!

But then seriously she is pregnant and she could accept the fact that she is!! its sooo funny. she didn't want to tell anybody because it's embarassing for her. She said this year she suppose to be a grandma already for my baby but then she also suddenly pregnant! so for her bikin malu lah hehe. Now she's 2months prengnant and i think her due date is in early December so i will deliver my baby first.

Even Lala my cousin don't believe that her mother is pregnant, she said old already still wanna have baby but actually my aunt don't want a baby anymore so this time she and her husband "TER....." produced the baby hahaha....


Okay its kinda boring talking about pregnancy stuff only kan.

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