Monday, April 6


Finally i get a chance to blog again. I've been away for awhile because of some reason that i can't even avoid or do anything.
I'm talking about morning sickness. Surprise surprise!! Yes i am expecting *blush* and now i am just in the end of my first trimester so the morning sickness is not sooo bad compare for the past few months back. because of the morning sickness which usually different to every woman, mine there's some weird stuff including seeing laptop or computer. When i was still in the beginning of my first trimester i couldn't even look at ANY laptop or computer, if i do, my stomach will feel weird and wanna throw up and i'll start to get dizzy. Funny kan, but now ok ok already but still i can't sit infront of the screen for hours lah.

I can't believe i'm telling about this pregnancy on my blog. Malu pula. Anyway, i shouldn't feel embarasse actually because it's the most exciting thing ever happen. whatever people wanna say, i don't even mind.

Yes i've change my layout again due to my hatered on the color of my previous layout and it's all because of this pregnancy. i even hate the color of RED! hate it soo much. weird kan. i hate bright colors too.

To other bloggers that been visiting my blog sorry if i did not reply you guy's message also all the tag. i will update more if i'm in good condition and i'll visit your blog too!

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