Monday, February 9

tag debt

I think i have another two tag other than this... don't worry i'll do it soon.

Okay this tag was from Ratna. thanx!!

It's an award actually and i have to list down 10 about myself. and i'm sure you guys wanna throw up already reading about me and plus i have no idea what to tell so i'm just going to say whatever lah k. i found very funny about all this award stuff that circle around this blog world. but what the heck ;P

1. i love shoes soo much.

2. i love marshmellow.

3. i am phobia on height and bird.

4. i love cocktail and vodka.

5. i hate milo.

6. i am quite short actually. LOL.

7. i love kids.

8. i'm very secretive person.

9. i am easily get hungry but hard to be fat.

10. and i'm on a new journey in my life right now.

I don't know if i'm ready for that. it is hard. oh about the layout seriously i don't have any strength to do it at this moment.

p/s To astro STOP all this advert about all this Tayangan Hebat !!
p/p/s I hate ghost stories. i swear i will never watch any of it again!!!

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