Monday, April 13

i felt it

After 3 days of shopping none stop (which is kinda crazy for my situation during my pregnancy at this level) i experienced the most painful feeling on my feet!! i counldn't sleep well the first day we went shopping from wisma to 1B. The second day we went to city mall (finally i found a dress and i really really love it!) and this time my hips was in pain. Then the third day we went to centre point pula, i felt all of my body in pain, in my head i can't do this anymore, i have to stop going out after this for awhile but i still need to find some stuff *sigh* so because of this reach home i straightly fall on my comfty bed and my legs were about to torn apart i felt *laugh*. i asked my cousin to help me massage my legs.

I wish ney was here to help me. maybe next month only we get to see each other. Tomorrow is my review to the clinic. I just hope nothing bad that they will find out about the baby.

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