Thursday, February 24

She has a tactic

C dania la ni.

I've been trying hard to get her to sleep by herself for few days already and the first few days was a success but then lepas beberapa hari lepas tu like she knew what i'm up to. so now everytime whenever i wanna put her to bed and i wont let her nenen she will start to cry out loud. a cry that asking for mercy (minta kesian punya) and it will go on and on! last last i have to give up! adui c dania ni seriously purposely make herself cry until keluar bunyi2 nangis yang really minta kesian punya. ofcourse i can't stand the crying for long so i have to give her nenen.

That's her tactic i think. just so i will give her nenen she will cry and cry and cry... kasi takut dia the star also kinda not working already. sekejap saja kesan. huh.

And now i totally have no idea at all how to deal with situation like this! sakit kepala.

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