Wednesday, March 2

Can't help !!


I'm tired. So so so tired! but somehow i always push myself on doing stuff this and that. how about you? do you push yourself? eventhough at some point your body can't take it anymore but your mind keep on saying like "keep on going...keep on doing..." or etc.

Well that's me. everyday in the morning i always busy with some chores and handling my little one and after all done and my little one having her nap so that is the time when i also suppose to have a rest right but i failed to do so. it's like i'm forcing myself to the limit! that's when i am busy surfing the internet or baking or watch tv etc, my body at that time really need a rest but i'm just not doing it. my little mind kinda said "while you have your own free time do it" totally not talking about rest.

Like right now i'm blogging and facebooking and baking! but actually now my body is soooo tired! how can i control this situation? i know its crazy. now my migraine attacked me few days already and taking panadol didn't help at all.

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Too much thinking also. i need help.


KenMAHD said...

HI Anne:)

I think what u shud do now is to get some rest. Don't layan the internet first if u're tired..sometimes we hv to let go the things that already use to do before..ok?

Cheer up :)

Bliss Anne said...

hai kenMAHD !

when we use to do this kind of things, other things that more important like our body pun didn't care already kan...thanx for ur advise! ^.^

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Get some rest :).

Bliss Anne said...

thanks sue!

CathJ said...

aduh... so pressure... :D

I don't push myself too much.. unless it have to deal with other people that have time frame..

If I am tired.. I will rest.. but I understand, some people.. they just can't stop, not until their work done.. they can't even sleep thinking of all the unfinished work.. that's me before.. hihihi..

But now.. I know that our health is more important.. others can wait.. (but don't wait toooo long).. ^_^

all the best with handling time.. nanti migraine... ^_^

Nanak said...

same with me here. when my baby taking a nap, i supposed to take a rest too but still push myself to do this & that. wat to do, ini ja masa utk diri sendiri kan..when the baby wake up od,nah lagilah tdk dapat buat apa2...but at nite, i'll make sure off to bed at 10pm.

Bliss Anne said...

Cathj : im pushing myself until now i'm not feeling so good, but today i had my rest since afternoon ;) thanx for ur comment cath!

nanak : hahaha we are just the same! but good thing about you that u can sleep early but me always past 12am only i can sleep.....thanx for dropping by my blog :)

chegu carol said...

I think, when you are keen into something, despite feeling will want to complete that something to the extend that you don't mind that it jeopardizes your health. Just know when to stop and relax ya, even if it only means just for a minute. Take care!

Bliss Anne said...

yeah begitu la my situation tu cigu :) thanks! i will...