Tuesday, March 15

10 Day You Challenge - 07. Wants

I am going to blog this as fast as i can because feel sleepy already and my little one about to wake up soon. plus this past few days since c hubby kena burn from the hot oil i have to do all the house work >o< god knows how tired i am! layan lagi cerewet c hubby when i am changing his bandage on his fingers....adui sabar saja la!

So what i want? (yang sa boleh fikir cepat ja ni)

image via here

1. hopefully my hubby can get transfer to keningau/labuan SOON!

2. more expert on baking ^^

3. meet my sister who is far away from us.

4. i want Dania to learn to sleep by herself and stop bf!

5. good and stable income.

6. have a better and better environment in my family. (i'm not saying its bad now, its just that i think it needs a better one)

7. good health for all my loved one!



Lilyel said...


I am doing a survey about blogging for my project paper. So, if you don’t mind, please fill my questionnaire.


Thank you.


Anonymous said...

bf? whats a bf other than boyfriend and bestfriend?

Amani said...

kenapa labuan? bha p la ko tgl sana. mana tau sa kerja sana nanti kan. :P

Bliss Anne said...

vila : blue film LOL and for me breastfeeding...

elly : coz labuan byk kekosongan...and dekat skit la dgn kgau kn drpd cni...