Friday, March 18

Superstitious not?

I woke up today thinking about my last dream.

It goes like this :

In that dream suddenly i woke in my room with dimmed light (x dimmed light kami actually) and then my hubby came inside the room and i said to him "i just delivered a baby" sempat lagi sa rasa hairan dalam itu mimpi cause since when i was pregnant? why am i laying like this on bed (tiarap) if i just gave birth? there's a baby beside me, a baby girl. my hubby carried the baby and bring her outside to the living roon cause macam ramai orang datang to our house that time and me? i just keep on starring at the situation. *bingung bingung lagi bah*

When i woke up that dream keep on lingering in my mind. takut bah tu lau 'ter' ada lagi now (not ready!) hehe.

So in the evening i went to my friend's house and i told her about my dream and she said that doesn't mean that you're going to have a baby soon, for her believe that it means a luck will come, rezeki. then i said hopefully what you've said is true hehee cause awal tahun saja ni sangat sangat tight betul our budget!

Just now i saw a comment on Chegu Carol's blog between her and si Annie bah (jangan marah ah lau sa menyibuk hehee) and si chegu said " try and check your house's pipes maybe there's a leaking happening ^^ because feng shui said, water leaking resembles out-flow of money.

Nah... mau check lah ni konon, eventhough i am not a superstitious person but sometimes they can be true ^^ sometimes i think it depends on your attitude juga when it comes to luck.

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~ HaRRy ~ said...
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AnnieMing said...

Uiseh ada quotes dari comment saya sama Chegu Carol ah ;-p Hehe!

Weird dream o.. Sa inda pandai interpret dream but I hope it doesn't mean anything bad. Selalu urang cakap mimpi tu macam mainan2 tidur ja kan, maybe you're too tired recently? Atau

AnnieMing said...

*sambungan* atau ko homesick? Hehe..

Sa tepakai account lain pula bah, isk..

Bliss Anne said...

yabah annie maybe sa penat ja ba kan sampai had dream like that,hhmmm homesick and baby? LOL!

CathJ said...

hehehhe... kalau bab2 superstitious ni memang sia kurang lah... tapi bukan juga pandai meramal mimpi hihihi...

chegu carol said...

i ever dreamed something horrible involving my loved ones menangis smpai terbangun pun betul2 ada keluar air mata. I was scared the dream would come true but I know one thing that can keep me calm was to pray for my loved ones. Tiada juga apa2 bah happened. :)

sometimes, the power of mind is so great that when you think about it so much it will happened. sa rasa begitu lah sa kadang2 hehe

pasal itu water leak, fengshui said it so but kalau kita tidak picaya, i think kalau betul ada money flow out...we wont blame on the water leaking. tapi sa ni jenis yg suka cari benda yg buli kena blame hehehe