Tuesday, March 22

10 Day You Challenge - 03. Films

This is my movie list for this challenge. Top 3 !! ^^

1. Marley & Me.

This movie definitely can make you cry. no matter how many time you watch it you WILL cry again and again. It show you about life, marriage, kids, works... etc. can relate to it.

2. 50 First Date.

Okay this movie is mad hilarious!!! Me and my sister love love love to watch this movie together. we used to watch it all the time whenever we've lost idea on what to watch.

3. Troy.

Greek history/myth. i love it. i love about greek history/myth. i did cry watching this movie once because 'the handsome' eric bana died *LOL*

Anyone ever watched one of these movie?

Tomorrow will be the last visit for Dania to kkia. she's gonna have a jab and weighing session. me? Takut! because..... about the jab fyi she's 1Y & 6M now, mesti kuat goyang kan so i'm afraid that it will happen or she will be crying non-stop! and about her weight, scared if her weight is not that good cause this past few days she's not being a good eater, sikit saja makan itu nasi. very picky! probably because of her teeth coming out (there's 4 teeth) geraham lagi tu! and she also not drinking any milk! risau betul saya about this matter -_-' i've tried everthing i can so that she will drink some milk but all failed. no idea why she's like that.

Hopefully tomorrow everything is going to be just fine.

Hey... do recommend me some good movie aitt...^^



CathJ said...

I love no. 1 & 2.. believe or not.. I belum watch the 3rd movie.. ;-p

Bliss Anne said...

hahaa i believe u;) bah try la tngk, eh but now u pregnant kan org ckp x bgs hehee