Saturday, March 12

10 Day You Challenge - 08. Fears

Fears fears fears......

1. Chicken and bird. (paling TOP ni!) geli bah, all the feathers and apalagi if they don't have feathers on them nah punya la bikin geli !! takut betul!

2. Height. there's NO WAY i will ride any roller coaster, itu jambatan gantung or anything yang tinggi tinggi ni ^^

3. Dead animals. i mean if my fish, my turtle or any pets that i have is rip, i never want to handle it. takut ni, unexplainable. weird kan.

4. my own thoughts and heart. sometimes susah kita mau control ourselves kan until we did some wrong turn.

5. sick. seriously i hate falling sick!

6. nah ini la... cemetery! jangan la bawa sa limpas sana malam, my imagination ni susah betul! ^^

7. fears of being away from my family!

8. God. who doesn't?

How's my fear list? any similarity with your fear?


Right now i'm in a situation which totally drive me crazy!

How to explain to a person which he/she doesn't want to understand/care about what you're saying and want from he/she? No matter how many time you remind that person still its not working!! tulah bikin gila sa ni. no mood.


i can say my mood same as the weather here. rain rain rain. same goes to japan, tsunami!


AnnieMing said...

We're the same for #2 and #7. Hehe.. But I still can ride the roller coaster juga, which I think is weird. Hehe!

Bliss Anne said...

wah bulih juga ko naik tu...hhmm if going to the funfair paling sa takut tu kna bawa naik yg laju2 and tingi2..heheee