Sunday, March 6

Quick post

Adui... its been lingering in my mind for few days sudah ni hahaa...

I wanna buy new shoes!!

image via here

Hahahaaa... never get enough with buying shoes/sandal. ada sudah sa nampak sana eastern plaza, but tunggu duit masuk dulu. kesian! nah beli something that i don't need lagi ni ^.^ susah! then i'm thinking of buying Dania's a shirt again....>o<

somebody pinch me!!!

When was the last time you bought a shoe? me last october i think.


chegu carol said...

Girls can never have enough of shoes. Or bags. Or dresses. Or accessories. Hehe

I also want a pair of good comfy shoes...unfortunately it is not a need at the moment. :(

Bliss Anne said...

hye cigu...
for shoes that i can never really have enough lol..

oh, u're right i dont really need it now but this shoe actually a wedges (i've been missing wearing it badly) hehee..

but...on second thought bagus i buy dania some shirt :)