Sunday, March 20

10 Day You Challenge - 04. Books

Reading books used to be my hobby after i finished my form 5, but usually fiction one. Now it's hard to find time to read, even a magazine i don't buy anymore. kalau dulu every month mesti beli.

So here i am going to show some books that i own and already read.

1. Author : Jackie Collins

Her books mostly an example of a glamorous life in hollywood. all the rich and famous. not to forget the cheekyness that she wrote in her books.

2. Author : Louise Bagshawe

I love this book the most. the word and phrases is deep from the beginning (probably you might be a little bored) but if you continuously (force yourself) to read it you will feel that you can't stop reading it ^^ betul ni. best!

3. Author : Sheila O'Flanagan

This book i totally forgot what's the story about but memang best!

This book also good. definitely can teach you a lesson in life. second best! hehe.

4. Author : Marian Keyes

Nah this book i never got the chance to finish reading it. because after i bought it and read it terus sa rasa tidak siok. so since then i didn't touch the book at all. but i saw some feedback about this book and they love it. hhmmm... now where did i placed this book already?

The truth is none of this book is here with me in my home right now. not sure where i keep them, maybe at my mom's house.

I do read malay fiction books also, but after lama-lama baca i've got this feeling that the whole story ketara betul macam kena buat-buat bah. but if i can say the best that i once read is from the author sharifah abu salem.

Now i just wish i have extra time to read books again. without my little one disturb me. Hard!

Pernah baca this books like mine??


CathJ said...

tidak pernah.. ^_^.. I pula into the 'little black dress' collections.. ^_^

selamat membaca.. :D

Bliss Anne said...

oh sa tau tu collection,tapi x pernah ka?itu yg nipis2 ja kan buku dia...:))