Thursday, March 10

10 Day You Challenge - 10. Secrets

Nah i got a tag by SJB, so mau buat lah so that if i got free time can do this challenge ^^

Copy to the picture, Tag 10 other friends to do the challenge.

I tag 3 people only la because mostly everyone already did this :
(kalau kamu malas mau buat pun it's ok kio)

Okay, so this is my ten secrets konon :

1. i am 24 y.o. (ramai org cakap macam masi budak -_-)

2. never ever bring me into any kids clothing store, i will end up buying something (mesti mau beli tu)

3. i am a dreamer. extreme ^^

4. i will get mad if anybody or anything disturb my sleep.

5. i am someone who love to/must go out, just go anywhere as long tidak stuck at home only.

6. my newest hobby/passion (wah!) baking ^^

7. i am a good listener, and like to ask question.

8. if i'm in packing mode i feel that i wanna bring all the clothes! (even hubby said that i'm crazy) but i have my own reason actually. so that's why few times overweight sudah at the airport. huh.

9. i don't really like a person who is lazy and don't put any effort -_-

10. i like to organize properly my things for my journey so that i am aware ( eg : what snack i must bring, what thing that must have in my handbag, or where this bag or that bag must be place...etc ) crazy right....

Wah susah juga mau fikir ni secret...(getting sleepy bah)

Next challenge Eight Fears! banyak juga tu...


Eh salah pla, next is not eight fears but NINE LOVE ^^


CathJ said...

wah byk secret ni...hihihihi...

Amani said...

bila la sa mau try baking ko ni?? :P

Bliss Anne said...

cath : byk sampai susa mau pikir hehe but now its not a secret anymore :)

elly : sehingga kita berjumpa akan datang hehee

Anonymous said...

u r 24? that's not a secret :p

Bliss Anne said...

24 with 16 y.o. physical and face ;) so they didnt know i am 24 already -_-'...hi vila!

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

No 4 - Sama lah kita tu hehe.

Bliss Anne said...

sue...hhmmm even my husband pun yg kacau nah adalah yg kena hehee