Saturday, March 26

10 Day You Challenge - 02. Song + ramdom rambling

Teda link or video ni about my top 2 song (konon) ^^ but you can google it tapi mesti kamu tau juga bah ni lagu.

1. The Little Things - Colbie Caillat

All of Colbie Caillat's song i lurve! very relax and maybe fun. everytime i listen i felt really calm and sometimes can put me to sleep hahaa!

2. As A Man - Gummy

Korean singer. music video sangat cute and sweet (tau la orang Korea kan if music video ada act2 lagi) dui if only i can list out other korean song that i like banyak betul! best2 bah lagu dorang.

Poppy Seed Vanilla cake

Baked it last night. The frosting is vanilla buttercream icing. the taste quite nice but before this i have tasted this kind of cake more delicious. so tidak puas hati lagi ni hehee.

Ini c kecil Dania. the other day went to kkia for her review glad that everything goes well.
She's almost 10kg now and almost 80cm in height. very very active, tuhan saja yang tau hehe.
she had her jab, 3 people was holding her that time. the moment the needle kena cucuk on her thigh terus she kicked her leg and cried out loud but kejap saja. sedih betul c dania that time. so funny.
during weighing session i asked her to stand on the scale and i was standing behind her, but then she leaned back on me. jadi sa balik2 kasi berdiri dia lurus2 until she started to cry last last i have to stand on the scale with her! adui!!

some words that i could think that she know how to say :

- scared (while holding her chest and make her eyes big) funny!

- hello (in her own way kinda like "e'ooo")
If she pretend like talking on the phone she will goes like this "e'oooo *babbling babbling baby talk* ooohhhhh k k" ^^

- bear (her teddy bear)

- draw (same pronunciation)

- barney (she said 'bar...')

- sun (saa....)

- play (same pronunciation)

- soup (she kinda pronounce it 'shup' or 'shop') she likes to eat soup, specially mushroom soup.

- elmo (mmoo....)

- throw (kinda like 'twwooo') sambil buang barang la juga dia tu -_- hobby baru.

- Dania (yes her own name, she'll say 'nanaaa' or 'naniaaa') she will call her name whenever she did something that we said 'don't do that' to her but then she did it.

.... and the list goes on...^^

The barney or elmo dvd will go on and on the whole day, its okay for me at least i can do the house chores and surf internet but now our dvd player broken already so my laptop jadi sasaran c kecil. huhuhuuu...!

Basically she likes to eat ayam masak kicap with carrot, any soup, fried rice, fried mee or hot dog.

Nowadays i can't carry Dania anymore for long time, sakit betul tangan, berat!! samada sa suruh papa dia carry or i let her walk on her own tapi itulah lau d kedai paling susah mau handle!

She can run fast already! bikin takut ni. sometimes can open her shirt by herself.

Tomorrow is sunday, my sunday sini ni usually memang boring, hubby is off tomorrow tapi pi memancing pula dia, siapa la mau ikut kan sama c dania lg... x mau lah.


Nanak said...

brp umur ur doter? ahaha, sy pun xsuka p memancing abis sy bukan penyabar..haha

Bliss Anne said...

hi nanak..
dia 1 thn 6 bln sdh...actually sa suka ba p memancing tapi lau bawa c dania memang sa x mau p susah bah ada budak..panas lg hehehee