Thursday, March 17

10 Day You Challenge - 05. Food

This is the hardest challenge i think because i have sooo many food that i looovvveee! ^^

1. Cake/cupcake/muffin/brownies/cheesecake - fatty food but tidak pandai gumuk >o<

2. Lasagna/spaghetti/pasta - anything that has to do with this no matter what the sauce is i will eat! but most favorite beef bolognese lah. so have to stock ni in my kitchen always! nothing beats homemade one, betul ni....

3. Sushi - if i'm at some japanese restaurant maybe habis duit kamu lau blanja sa, luckily can make by yourself kan.

4. Lamb chop/lamb shank - whatever that has to do with lamb! *huh now i'm craving for my mum's lamb shank pla ggrrrr*

5. Roast potato - well i think anything that have potato on it i love! tapi roast la paling sedap ^^

Now i'm hungry!!

Just now i cooked roasted chicken only, don't know if got some leftover, mau pigi check dulu.

Tomorrow have to do some groceries shopping (skit2 saja) @.@

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AnnieMing said...

Kita sama #1, #2!, #3 and #4 la.. Adeh lapar terus sa nampak ni post. Haha.. Most are my fav ;-D

Bliss Anne said...

nah sama la kita sambil sa post ni telan2 liur hahahaa