Sunday, March 27

I am only human...

.... i am not a perfect mother, but i tried my best to be one.
.... i am not a perfect wife or isteri mithali, no one is, but i did everything that a wife should do.
.... i am not a perfect daughter, but i still respect my parents and love them.
.... i am not a perfect sister, still i love my siblings.
.... i am not a perfect daughter in law, but i'll do what i can to be a good one.

Nobody's perfect! Get it? NOBODY. so don't expect anyone to be one while you yourself are not perfect. get a mirror!

I did everything that i could or able to do anything that should be done.

All i'm asking is a nice respectful treat in this situation. or maybe just an appreciation. show it to me.

24 hours with kid and chores is one of a hell day for me to ride alone, so i deserve anything nice.

If you think working your ass off at your work place is tiring? try and be a mother for a week, and i mean including the WEEKEND! at least some people get to relax on weekend.

Our job as a mother don't get any off or holidays like you do. we are 24/7 working our ass off to get the job done. actually it can never be done. it will continue on and on and on.

So don't you get it how hard this for us? a little help or compliment or appreciation would be the nicest thing that i should have.

No, i am not complaining about my job here, i just want you to understand!!

A good attitude, helping hands and nice treatment from you is all i'm asking. it's not that hard.

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CathJ said...

agree with you 100%... and hopefully they understand... I just can't understand sometimes they thought that our job is so easy..

Note: I really love the note from the pic..

AnnieMing said...

That's why I respect all mothers (those who dumped their babies are excluded) ..

Hang in there, my friend! Jiayou to you.. I agree with you, life as a mum is not easy. ;-) Cheers ya..

Bliss Anne said...

hi cath..
tq. they ALWAYS thought our job is easy than them, always..itu yg mengeramkan. love the note too cath,ngam juga kan eheeehe.

hi annie...
the one who dumped their baby is not a mother anymore for me hehee.
thanx annie! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi, salam kenal. super like the quote sampai rasa mau repost. may i?

Bliss Anne said...

hi eis...

sure, why not..^^

Isabel said...

I'm a mother myself though I don't get to be all the time. But I know how hard to be a mother, let alone to be a fulltime mother. It requires lots and lots of patience kan? So I totally respect those who does the job of a mother and wife full-time. Great post. Thanks visit2 my blog aa. Follow da ni. :)

Bliss Anne said...

hi Isabel!
Thanx for visiting me back :) definitely need lotsa patience to be fulltime mother/wife,that's why its hard when someone didn't understand our situation:)

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...


Anne B. said...

thanx sue! ^^