Saturday, March 26

Itu ini itu ini....

Apalah tu title kan?

I'm confused bah actually. cause there's so many stuff that i wanna say and post it here tapi tia tau camana mau mula. and now cam blank blank sdh.

I list out lah maybe easier for me :

- our electricity got cut out this morning (for the first time). tertunggak bah! all because c suami suka tangguh2 kan, nah ni lah akibat nya. geram sangat! luckily it's pay day already.

- i found the memory card from my LG hp yang telah hangkang ^^ so i tried insert it into my samsung hp and it fit and can be viewed! all the pictures of Dania when she was still few months old all there including some video of her. Terus sa rindu sangat sangat rindu that moment when she was still a little baby huhuu.

- this afternoon i tried to upload my two fav song's video for the 10 day you challenge but i failed (belum expert lagi bah) so maybe tomorrow i'll do the post without link of the song la ni.

- everyday Dania's development banyak betul, that's the thing that i wanna post out actually tapi ni otak macam bingung pula mana mau mula cause there's so many kan. i used to tell about her development here so now i wanna do it again for me to read in the future bah. mau ingat2 konon.

- just now i baked cake jadi plan (juga) wanna post it here skali belum transfer the picture from my hp pula, jadi tidak jadi lah (malas^^)

Okay it's 3am already bagus sa pi tidur if not tambah banyak nanti dalam fikiran sa ni sampai tidak dapat tidur. then if like that terpaksa kira kambing lagi hehee.

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